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Sam Little started his antique shop, Little’s Antiques in 1980. He began to notice a lack of quality furniture in the home furniture industry, so he took his small shop and expanded it into handmade, high-quality furniture with a store called S.A Little & Co. located in Frederick, Maryland.

After much success with his store in Maryland, Sam wanted to bring quality furniture and fine service to Florida. Sam and Donna Allard then opened Coastal Fine Furniture in Seminole, Florida so The Sunshine State can appreciate the finer parts of home furniture. Each piece is made to order, allowing complete customization to make your furniture truly unique. 

Premium Quality

We only carry quality furniture made from solid wood and built by expert craftsmen. Designed to last for generations through wear and tear.

Fair Pricing

Quality furniture takes a great deal of time and skill to make, but Coastal Fine Furniture is committed to offering great pricing to our customers.

Exceptional Service

Our dedication to excellent service is unmatched! From start to finish, Coastal Fine Furniture will assist you with anything you need.

Why Choose Coastal Fine Furniture?

Each and every piece of furniture we offer is handcrafted and made to order. If our customer needs special sizing, wood species, staining, or anything you can think of, we are happy to fulfill the request! Big-box retailers use cookie-cutter designs made from particle board and other cheap materials. Not Coastal Fine Furniture! We understand that every home has its own unique style, and that is why we are in the furniture business. 

Customer Testimonials

Our team strives to offer exceptional customer service from start to finish! From the moment you call us or step into our store, we are prepared to assist you with whatever you need help with. Read what our satisfied customers have to say about Coastal Fine Furniture! If you have had an experience working with us, let us know how it went!

Stephen Getter
Great place to find unique coastal furniture and decor. Be careful and hang on to your wallet. You will always find something you "need". Lol. Great staff.
Miriam Rivera
OMG! MY 17 year old son wanted to bring me here and I'm so glad he did, I think he is going to be a designer! He loves furniture, indoor and out especially the florida colors . The highlight was the patio glider, it's so much fun you have to try it! We are thinking about purchasing one but I need to save up for it . I love the blue green it's my favorite color. Soon I will purchase when I save the money for it. Come with your family to Coastal Fine Furniture!
Ceit Lanier
Coastal Fine Furniture is more than just coastal chic furniture and decor. After visiting many furniture stores throughout the area, I found this place and am totally thrilled as they also provide custom made furniture by Amish craftspeople. High quality furniture where I can choose the upholstery, choose the wood, and the stain at very reasonable prices: Furniture that's going to last a long time and become heirlooms. The staff are wonderful and make sure that each customer receives exactly what the customer wants instead of having to choose from limited, premade designs that are either laminated junk or soft wood construction that will barely hold together. Instead of buying what's merely on offer at chain stores, buy something that will be not only beautiful, but also worthwhile to save and get "the good stuff ". I am very happy with my furniture that I have some additional pieces to purchase in the near future and won't go anywhere else. UPDATE: My dining room table, chairs, and hutch was delivered today and I am NOT disappointed whatsoever!!! The craftsmanship shines through - NO sloppy glue, no gapings seams/joints! Exceeds my expectations completely. My daughter is visiting from out of state and yes she will inherit but I told her she's going to have to wait for a few more decades before she can get her hands on the set! I'm going to enjoy eating dinner at this table for a long time. It's mine, something I purchased for me no thanks to the ex at all.😁
Sandy Dwyer
Love the store!! The owners and help are excellent to work with. We found a sofa we wanted and the designer spent so much time helping us choose a fabric. We live in Orlando which they don't normally deliver here but the owners made sure we received our purchase in a timely manner. I wish I lived closer to the store, I would be there a lot.
Diane Davis
Beautiful designs, American made, quality craftsmanship, local business, friendly and helpful staff. Need I say more? Wish I lived closer. This is a great store!

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Coastal Fine Furniture is happy to assist our customers in any way we can. Feel free to reach out to us via email, phone, or visit our store! Get started on your furniture, get a quote, or ask us any questions you may have.

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